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Summer Pond Pictures

Over the summer I got a new bigger pond. Jason did most of the work. But I got some neat plants and brick to put in and around it. I got some really cool floating hyacinths. The roots look like a feather duster and it helps keep the pond clean. NO more green pond for me. They also have pretty purple flowers most of the summer.

Floating Hyacinths

I also added some Hornwort. This is a fern-like plant that sinks to the bottom. It serves the same purpose and keeps your pond clean but also gives the fish a place to lay eggs. In the winter months the hornwort will keep oxygen in the water and not only help feed your fish but keep them warmer. Of course if you have a plant that needs help floating I made a floating pond basket. It lets you float any plant or even artificial flowers in the pond. It’s also great if you don’t have a pond shelf to sit shallow pond plants on. I also added a few snails. My goal was to cut down on the algae. My pond was clean and clear all summer.

Floating pond baskets for plants

About a month ago I bought a plant for my pond. What I didn’t know was that it was a shallow water plant that needed to be on a shelf with 6in depth. The pond that I have now has strait sides. So off to Hobby Lobby I went. I just need a way to keep it from sinking to the bottom of the pond. After about an hour I had a great little basket that let the plant float around the pond with out letting the dirt wash away. And of course I posted these in my  E-bay Store. Mine sell for less and I think mine look more natural than the black one that are being sold.

My fish pond

Here’s something I never thought I’d get, since I asked my husband about it years ago and he always said no…

Fish Pond

Fish Pond

This picture isn’t up-to-date – I’ll try to post some new ones soon.  Now the grass is growing, the fountain is in place, and there are maybe a dozen regular goldfish swimming around.  We’re feeding them some food that’s supposed to help the water clear up, and it’s helping somewhat.  Oh yeah, and the lilies are growing well, so the plastic ones can come out.