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Busy busy summer – Baggo/Cornhole business booming!

Thought I’d post something on Alaine’s blog today.  She rarely has time to post, as business has been booming.  The whole cornhole bag thing hasn’t let up.  In fact, it probably accounts for the majority of the business right now.  It seems like the big thing now is to request designer bags rather than plain colors.  Designer bags cost more – how much more depends on how complicated the design.  More complicated designs take longer to create, stitch out, and usually require more color changes.

If you’re looking for custom bags for your company – for instance maybe a bar would like to order sets with their logo on them – keep in mind a few things.  Bags come in 2-color sets.  Usually people pick fabric colors to offset their logo colors.  For instance, Facebook’s logo is white on a blue background.  They would probably pick blue for one bag color with the white logo, and then reverse the colors to have a blue logo on white bags.

Also, the best size is to keep the logo between 2.5 – 3.0 inches at it’s widest or tallest.  Any larger and it starts to wrap around the edges of the bag towards the seam, which can distort the image.

Some people might be interested to know that the corn we use is grown locally and is standard field corn from the local feed distributor.  It’s basically shelled corn, stored for livestock feed.

Embroidery Digitizing Software – update #4

(written by Jason)

Well, good news and bad news!  The good news is we decided we like Digitizer Pro enough that we went ahead and paid for it – so now it’s ours.  The bad news is that now that we’ve paid for it, we’ve got to keep busy using it so it will pay for itself.  The reason why that’s bad news?  Because Alaine stays busy enough just keeping the machines going, so any extras like custom designs, end up waiting for me to do in the evenings. (more…)

Embroidery Digitizing Software – Update #3

We took a right turn in our search for a quality digitizing software.  We had been trying to get a copy of Digitizer 10000 activated, and we’re having much luck.  The last progress we made, Janome wanted us to ship back the hardware key to be replaced.  That would be kinda hard to do, since we didn’t own the software yet, we were just evaluating it from our local dealer. (more…)

Embroidery Digitizing Software – Update #2

Things aren’t going so well with the Janome Digitizer 10000 trial.  The local Janome rep couldn’t seem to make anything happen, so we talked directly to Janome ourselves.  Apparently we need to send the USB key back to them for a replacement to get things working before we can even trial the Click-to-Design.

Ironically, the trial of Click-to-Design is the key factor in whether we’re even going to purchase the software or not.

My opinion – this “used” copy was offered to us at $500.  Every day that goes by where we have to work with Janome directly just to get the software working should knock $100 off the purchase price.

Embroidery Digitizing Software – Update #1

(written by Jason)

Well, so far NOT so good.  I got the software all loaded up, downloaded the patches from Janome and got it all patched up as well.  I started it up and it seemed to be working, so I moved on to cleaning up the logo that I was going to auto-digitize. (more…)

Embroidery Digitizing Software

(written by Jason)

Trying something different today.  Alaine got a contract job that needs a custom embroidery design made from their logo, and their logo unfortunately isn’t the simplest to digitize.  Our experience with digitizing software hasn’t been that great, but then again it’s been primarily with free or extremely low-cost versions.  The open-source movement hasn’t hit the machine embroidery world yet, so free still means pitiful and cheap still means worthless. (more…)