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My new thread holder/tote

This makes a great tote for going to quilting classes or retreats. It has 80 spools of thread at 500yd each.  I can sew one up for you for only $90, thread included. Lots of fabric to choose from.


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Corn Holing and Tag Bags

Yep!  Summer is here and backyard games are a big seller.  Cornholing is not a bad word – well, it could be – but today we’re talking about the game.  It’s kinda like horse shoes.  You have two boards set up at a distance from each other.  Each board sits at an angle with a hole at one end.  Then you take bags full of corn and toss them, trying to hit the hole in the board.  There are rules and every thing. For all the rules you’ll have to go to ACA website.

I’ve been selling a ton of bags in my Ebay store.  I use the 350E to personalize them with anything your heart desires – maybe a person’s last name or a bar’s name like “Pete’s Pub”.  “The Corn Hole King” and “USA” are also big sellers.  The bags are made to regulation specs, 6″ by 6″ with 15oz of corn, double stitch with upholstery thread.

The college kids also use them as tag bags.  I shouldn’t have to explain this but I will anyway.  You run around trying to hit each other with a small bag of corn.  If you leave a bruise on someone you get points.  If it’s on his arm, 5 points, black eye, 30points, butt 40 points, groin 100 points.  Yes, these are college kids – who else would make a game of trying to hurt each other?



Boo Boo Buddy’s are back

Lots of people have been wanting them, so here they are! Before, All I had were bears, now I have added Bunnies, Butterflies & more are on there way. They are the best cold packs for little kids. I fill them full of wheat and cinnamon so when you freeze them they stay soft and smell great. No more hard wet ice cubes. If you have little kids you have have to get one of these! Ebay store

Boo Boo buddy's

Thread update

Okay I love my thread, but today its all about the variegated.  They cost a little more but are worth every penny.  Now, JoAnn’s is not the place to shop for this.  Even though I practically live there they don’t have much to choose from and that is just sad, very very sad.  So I get the good stuff from Times Square Sewing Complex.  It costs a little more but it gets some great results.  I’ve been working on my little aprons and using a sold purple for the grapes.  This alone made a great wine apron.  But if you use a variegated thread you get a whole new look.  The grapes almost jump off the fabric.  This also works great for any cat, dog or bear giving anything with fur a little texture.