Monthly Archives: October 2008

Support local business

I like to support local businesses whenever I can, especially when they are friends of mine.  Check out Lilliput Photography when you have a chance.

Custom Embroidery Designs

Embroidery digitizing is a frustrating job, but with a satisfying result.  Digitizing is using a software program to convert a picture or idea into a file that can be loaded into an embroidery machine to stitch a design.  Sounds simple, right?  Well, it kinda is but kinda isn’t.  The general idea is simple, lay out stitches of different lengths, spacing, and colors to end up with something that looks right.

You quickly realize that it’s way way more complicated than that.  Terms like stabilizer, underlay, edge walk, center walk….  it gets messy fast.  Every fabric reacts differently based on stitch density and other factors, which indirectly affects alignment of later parts of the design.  You end up having to compensate for fabric pull in one direction but not in another.  It’s important to plan out designs ahead of time to minimize jumps (long stitches that have to be cut out) and color changes.

Here’s a sample design.  The flower is a free design from BrotherUSA, with the wording added via digitizing software. 

We can do custom digitizing of your logos and designs as well.

Big Friday

Today was a busy day!  I altered 5 t-shirts for a local customer and sold quite a few corn bag sets and tent sets.


Well, I’ve re-vamped the site to use WordPress so I can have a real image gallery plug-in.  There’s much more to be done, so please keep checking back once in awhile.


Welcome to my new site!  There’s not much here so far, but more is planned.  Upcoming items: a real photo gallery and maybe a real blog format where users can sign up and leave comments.