Monthly Archives: November 2008

You never know what a kid will get attached to…

For whatever reason, our 2-year old daughter has gotten attached to bath towels.  You know, standard terry-cloth bath towels like you can get at any Walmart, Kmart, etc…  There doesn’t have to be anything special about them, no certain brand, color, quality, whatever – any towel will do.  She’d rather cover up with a tower in bed than any other type of blanket.

Well, tonight she’s getting her wishes.  Alaine took two towels and sewed them side-by-side lengthwise to make a nice big square.  She’s laying that on top of an old fleece blanket, and is going to sew them together except for a small open spot.  Next she’ll turn it inside out, sew the hole shut, and quilt across the whole thing to keep it together.

A little girls’ dream come true with 2 towels, an old fleece blanket and some thread.

New look to the website

As you can see, we’ve done some work to the website.  We just weren’t thrilled with the pervious look – too plain and boring.  The new theme looks pretty good, we think, but please let us know what YOU think.

Also, we’ve opened the site up for comments.  We’ll be moderating them before releasing them to the public, which is necessary to weed out the spammers.

Finally Friday

It was a big week. Now that the weekend is here I need to get the Christmas cozies started. Also need to get more tents listed and more bobbin holders done. The store empties faster than I can fill it some times.  Jason and at least 4 of the kids will be able to help me catch up. The 2 year old can’t do much but she tries.

Quilt Guild Meeting tonight

The Quincy Quilting Guild met tonight.  I passed out free hand-warmer samples to all the attendees, which seemed to go over well.  There was also some interest in my bobbin holders.  Here’s an example –

Record sales day!

Today was a record sales day between Ebay and local sales!

The new Janome embroidery machine keeps purring along.  So far no complaints, although orders keep coming in so fast for the regular items that we really haven’t had a chance yet to put the Janome through it’s paces and see what it can do with more complex designs.

On the radio news a few nights ago, there was talk of when things needed to be shipped to military addresses in order to be there before Christmas.  Every year people get busy and wait until the last minute, only to panic when they find out their gifts will arrive late.  We do everything we can to have extremely fast turnaround, but do yourself a favor and plan ahead.  Everything slows down at Christmas, including the Post Office.

Examples of new Janome MC350E quality

Check out a couple samples.  This is a coffee cozy with an apple on each side and the name done in cursive.  The Janome did the whole thing and it looks awesome.  The final product will of course be sewn into a circle to fit around a disposable coffee cup.

This is an example of what the Janome can do with a nice bufferfly design on jeans.  The possibilities for personalizing jeans, shirts, jackets and other items are almost endless.

More Janome pluses

A sign of a quality machine, in my book, is the ability to upgrade the firmware. 🙂

The Janome MC350E that we’re using now is firmware upgradable.  The free upgrade from Janome’s website took maybe 10 minutes overall, and primarily allowed the machine to speed up from a max 650 stitches per minute to 750.  Cool.


Well, good news, a new embroidery machine has been purchased and is busy at work.  Instead of the Singer CE250 that we returned, we now have a Janome MC350E.

Singer drawbacks:

Had to be connected to PC via USB cable to run.

Cramped area around the needle made it difficult to thread.

Seemed to be no better as far as accuracy and consistency than the $400 Brother hobby machine we started with.

Janome MC350E:

Easier to thread than the Singer

Takes a standard USB thumb drive for pattern storage and transfer

No need to connect to PC.

So far seems much sturdier, quieter, accurate than the Singer.

To be fair, the Janome is also about twice as expensive as the Singer, but it seems to be worth it.  We’ll know more as the week progresses.

New embroidery machine pain

Well its been a week! A very long week, and I’ve boxed it up and have taken it back. We will both be travelling to to Macomb tomorrow to look at one that I hope is a little more user friendly. The one that I really want costs too much and there isn’t enough money in budget for it. Which really bites because I got to spend a hour yesterday playing with a really awesome one and now that’s all I want.

Snowman Handwarmers

Ready for the winter season!

Cinnamon-scented, a quick 30-seconds in the microwave and they’re ready to go.  Rush to my Ebay Store to get them while they last.