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Embroidery Digitizing Software – Update #2

Things aren’t going so well with the Janome Digitizer 10000 trial.  The local Janome rep couldn’t seem to make anything happen, so we talked directly to Janome ourselves.  Apparently we need to send the USB key back to them for a replacement to get things working before we can even trial the Click-to-Design.

Ironically, the trial of Click-to-Design is the key factor in whether we’re even going to purchase the software or not.

My opinion – this “used” copy was offered to us at $500.  Every day that goes by where we have to work with Janome directly just to get the software working should knock $100 off the purchase price.

Embroidery Digitizing Software – Update #1

(written by Jason)

Well, so far NOT so good.  I got the software all loaded up, downloaded the patches from Janome and got it all patched up as well.  I started it up and it seemed to be working, so I moved on to cleaning up the logo that I was going to auto-digitize. (more…)

Embroidery Digitizing Software

(written by Jason)

Trying something different today.  Alaine got a contract job that needs a custom embroidery design made from their logo, and their logo unfortunately isn’t the simplest to digitize.  Our experience with digitizing software hasn’t been that great, but then again it’s been primarily with free or extremely low-cost versions.  The open-source movement hasn’t hit the machine embroidery world yet, so free still means pitiful and cheap still means worthless. (more…)

Classes at the local college

Every now and then I get stressed and Jason watches the kids so I can take a class at JWCC.  They have a lot of adult non-credit classes like quilting, cooking & art for dummies – stuff like that.  Last week I took a class to learn to make gourmet dog biscuits.  I already know how to make dog biscuits but you can always learn more.  This class was so much fun I think everyone that has a dog should take this class.  Lucky Dog Bakery was in charge and did a great job.  They also supplied everything so all I had to do was show up.  It got a little messy so you might want to dress to bake.  We got to mix and bake our own biscuits.  She had cookie cutters for shapes and yogurt glaze for the tops.  After it all cooled she had the cutest boxes, bags and containers to put our finished biscuits in.  Out of all the classes I’ve taken this was the most fun and worth the money too.  I left with two big bags stuffed with finished treats for our dog Spot, plus extra for friends and family.  There will be another class next month, so if you’re interested call JWCC at 217-224-6500 or if you want to just buy some she will be at

Country Treasures Craft Show – St. Charles, MO
February 28 & March 1

Country Treasures Craft Show – Quincy, IL
March 14 & 15

Country Treasures Craft Show – Springfield, IL
April 25 & 26
Or you can visit the web site at


Thread update

Okay I love my thread, but today its all about the variegated.  They cost a little more but are worth every penny.  Now, JoAnn’s is not the place to shop for this.  Even though I practically live there they don’t have much to choose from and that is just sad, very very sad.  So I get the good stuff from Times Square Sewing Complex.  It costs a little more but it gets some great results.  I’ve been working on my little aprons and using a sold purple for the grapes.  This alone made a great wine apron.  But if you use a variegated thread you get a whole new look.  The grapes almost jump off the fabric.  This also works great for any cat, dog or bear giving anything with fur a little texture.


Little Aprons

Today I worked on little aprons.  I guess you could use them for Barbies.  But for now we’re using them to dress up soap bottles or even a wine or champagne bottle.  The entire apron is done “in the hoop”.  The embroidery machine does all the work for you.  When you’re finished all you have to do is tie it to your bottle.  Even the back is finished with absolutely no stitches from the embroidery design showing.  Then it puts a nice border on it so there are no raw edges.  I’ve had my Janome 350E about three months now and this is by far one of the coolest things you can do with it. (more…)