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Supply and demand

Sale are up!!  There is only so much time in the day to make and post stuff.  At some point there is just not enough time to keep up!  I have a few options – I could hire a part time person to help out like I did during the Christmas, but for now I’m going to raise my prices just a little.  Sell less at a higher prce and make the same money.  I’m also trying to get the older 2 kids to help more.  If I have to pay someone to help, why not them?  They’re thinking about it – HA HA!  It’s just not fun to be helping your mom, I guess.  Anyway, I have at least 3 people I can call if I need too.  Well, one for sure the other two are seasonal – kinda – maybe.  Oh well, back to the sewing machine.

Anita Goodesign

Last week I bought a CD full of embroidery designs. There are several problems with this (1) You just don’t know how good the designs are until you try one. If the stitches look bad the CD is worthless (2) You have to pay for all 20 or so design even though you only want 2 or 3 out of the pack (3) as soon as you open the package you cant return it if you don’t like it..

So after a lot of thought and lot of research I chose Anita Goodesign.  She’s kind of expensive but is one of the best.  I got the stuffed animal collection – 128 designs – so I thought.  You get 21 + an alphabet!!  Basically they took the 21 stuffed animals and also made an applique and a stitched version.  21 times 3 is 63.  With the upper and lowercase alphabet adding 52 more, then the numbers 0-9…  After all of that it still doesn’t add up to 128.  Well it’s mine now so I’m going to use it right!!  NOT SO FAST, on the inside front cover of the CD it says if you want to embroider our design on garments and sell them you may, but the limit per design is 50 embroidered garments. I spent a bunch of money for something and I can only use it 50 times.

I will not be buying any more of her designs.  If she had put that limit on the outside of the package I would have never considered it in the first place.  Now that the package is open I’m stuck with it.

So I’m making a baby blanket set with a burp rag, boo boo buddy, bib & blanket.  I can only sell 10 sets thanks to the limits of the CD.

Boo Boo Buddy’s are back

Lots of people have been wanting them, so here they are! Before, All I had were bears, now I have added Bunnies, Butterflies & more are on there way. They are the best cold packs for little kids. I fill them full of wheat and cinnamon so when you freeze them they stay soft and smell great. No more hard wet ice cubes. If you have little kids you have have to get one of these! Ebay store

Boo Boo buddy's

Lace Cancer Bracelets/Bookmarks

It took a while but I figured out the Relay for Life Website. Now you can make donations straight to them in my name

Anyone that makes a donation will get a Lace Cancer Bracelet or Book Mark.


Cancer Bracelets

I’ve been making Lace Cancer Bracelets on my 350E for the relay for life walk in June I thought it would be a great way to raise money. I’m part of Ed’s Crew For $5 you get a pink or purple lace cancer bracelet or book mark. 100% goes to relay for life. I’m donating the thread and stabiliser so all the money will go to help raise money for cancer. Plus I think its nice to have something to show you support the cancer research. So if you see someone wearing one of my lace bracelets you’ll know they’ve done there part to wipe out cancer. I’m not sure what my goal is will see how much I make this week and go from there. If I set it to high I’m afraid I’ll get discourage. I would like to be a little realistic for once. If you would like to donate just let me know and we’ll get you a bracelet ASAP! I can make them in any color you want just let me know.

You chose the color

You chose the color

Neat Stabilizer Trick

(written by Jason)

Alaine figured out a neat trick.  She’s using Janome Wet N’ Set stabilizer when making these bottle aprons and wineglass cozies.  Towards the end of each job, there’s a step where another piece of fabric has to be added to the underside of the existing project.  That doesn’t seem like a big deal until you consider that pretty much all self-stick stabilizer on the market is only self-stick on one side.  So, the general idea is to use the self-stick on the top side, and when that back fabric needs to be added, stick it on with spray-stick adhesive. (more…)

Embroidery Digitizing Software – update #4

(written by Jason)

Well, good news and bad news!  The good news is we decided we like Digitizer Pro enough that we went ahead and paid for it – so now it’s ours.  The bad news is that now that we’ve paid for it, we’ve got to keep busy using it so it will pay for itself.  The reason why that’s bad news?  Because Alaine stays busy enough just keeping the machines going, so any extras like custom designs, end up waiting for me to do in the evenings. (more…)

Spirit Knob Winery

A few weeks ago I needed a gift and since I’ve been making the new bottle aprons I thought it would be nice to get some wine.  Not just any wine from the local store.  It seemed a little cheap to put that much work onto a $4 bottle of wine.  We have a few local wineries in the Quincy area.  I chose Spirit Knob, which is about 15 miles north of Quincy just on the other side of Ursa. (more…)

Embroidery Digitizing Software – Update #3

We took a right turn in our search for a quality digitizing software.  We had been trying to get a copy of Digitizer 10000 activated, and we’re having much luck.  The last progress we made, Janome wanted us to ship back the hardware key to be replaced.  That would be kinda hard to do, since we didn’t own the software yet, we were just evaluating it from our local dealer. (more…)