Monthly Archives: April 2009

Tie Dye day at the school

Once a year I tie dye all the shirts for the 5th graders at Baldwin South. The school buys all the supplies and I get to have all the fun, this is for their field trip to the zoo. Every teacher and every kid gets one, plus all the parents that tag along to help with the trip get one. I’m not real sure but I think its over 200 shirts in about four hours. We use dyes from Dhurma Trading Co, this is the only place to buy your dyes. The shirts have to set in the dye for 48 hours at that time, then they can be rinsed an washed. You need to dry them on high hot in the dryer, heat helps set the dye! After all of that I like to take chunky stampers and liquid dish soap to stamp the shirts. Once the soap is dry you can wash and dry them a second time. This makes some of the coolest shirts ever.


Corn Holing and Tag Bags

Yep!  Summer is here and backyard games are a big seller.  Cornholing is not a bad word – well, it could be – but today we’re talking about the game.  It’s kinda like horse shoes.  You have two boards set up at a distance from each other.  Each board sits at an angle with a hole at one end.  Then you take bags full of corn and toss them, trying to hit the hole in the board.  There are rules and every thing. For all the rules you’ll have to go to ACA website.

I’ve been selling a ton of bags in my Ebay store.  I use the 350E to personalize them with anything your heart desires – maybe a person’s last name or a bar’s name like “Pete’s Pub”.  “The Corn Hole King” and “USA” are also big sellers.  The bags are made to regulation specs, 6″ by 6″ with 15oz of corn, double stitch with upholstery thread.

The college kids also use them as tag bags.  I shouldn’t have to explain this but I will anyway.  You run around trying to hit each other with a small bag of corn.  If you leave a bruise on someone you get points.  If it’s on his arm, 5 points, black eye, 30points, butt 40 points, groin 100 points.  Yes, these are college kids – who else would make a game of trying to hurt each other?



Career Day

I took the 350E to school for 6th-grade career day.  I also took a smaller machine so that the kids could do some hands-on sewing.  Only three kids had ever touched a sewing machine before and one was mine.  That’s not surprising since they took home-ec out of the schools and more and more moms are working.  There is less time to sit down and teach your kid how to sew.  Kids used to play house – now they play on the computer.  For some reason it’s frowned upon if you’re a woman and don’t have a full time job!

I was at one of the school events – I think it was ‘Muffins for Moms” – and one of the women at my table said, “So you stay at home and do nothing?”  At what point in time did we all turn on each other and make being a mom a bad word.  If my kids get sick I don’t have to call my boss and tell him I can’t make it.  Of course I don’t have a new van or truck and nobody comes to clean my house for me.  And it will be a while before we take a cruise but at least I get to be with my kids while they’re young.  My kids have grown up sewing and watching me be a mom.  I just bought the 4yr old her first sewing machine.  She can thread it all by herself and as long as I’m in the room she can sew as much as she wants to.

If anyone needs me I’ll be at home doing nothing.

Janome 350E tension problem

I spent two days messing with the tension on my Janome.  The bottom was too loose  and the top was too tight.  I loaded hoop after hoop of new fabric, different thread, messed with every screw, turned knobs – even cursed a bunch.  Nothing I did made a difference!  So after two days I took a deep breath and told Jason that I not only broke my new $1500 embroidery machine but I tried to fix it myself.

Jason didn’t even blink he walked over and in an hour reset every thing back to where it was supposed to be and also removed a small piece of string that was stuck in my shuttle.  Yep, one little piece of string gave me a two day headache.