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Thread and Stabilizer

My embroidery machines are running constantly … and I’ve been using tons of thread and stabilizer. The local stores are a little high priced but that did give me a good excuse to go in and shop. On the down side they had a hard time keeping what I needed in stock.

So I started looking for wholesale suppliers online. I could just kick myself for not doing this sooner. As much as I want to help out other local businesses I save so much more by shopping online. I was spending $36 on a roll of stabilizer 10″ wide by 12 yards long. At the online embroidery store it sells for $24 for 20″ by 24 yards. I can get 4 times more stabilizer for 10 dollars less. Thread was an even better deal. At Jo-Ann Fabrics thread costs about $5.50 for 1000 meters. Online I can buy 5000 meters for $4.99. The only down side is that I can’t fit large thread cone on my machine. I have to set it behind the embroidery machine and use it that way. I have to do the same thing if the thread is wound backwards or I have trouble with the thread looping. I was worried about the shipping but it was free!! That’s right, shipped to my door for free – how cool is that? They also sent a few samples of other stabilizer for me to just try out. Got to love the free stuff.


More fish pond pics

Check out these pics – these are the “before” pictures of the pond without rocks and grass

My new fish pond

Ya I know I’m a little spoiled! As you know for mothers day I got a real in-ground fish pond. The best thing about it was he had most of the work done the day that we brought it home, and with-in 2 weeks he had rocks around the outside and grass seed planted. It takes most men longer than that to pick up there dirty socks and put them in the hamper…..any way here are some new pictures with more grass and less hay.

My fish pond