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My New Year’s Promise

The Holidays are over and its time to go back to work. If you have a real job you have to show up or you don’t get paid. I work out of my home, so I’m the boss. It’s up to me to get motivated. Yeah, I could sit and watch soaps, take a nap or go shopping. But I wouldn’t get paid either. I also don’t have paid sick days or a paid vacation.

Since I’m home all day, my house should also be spotless right? Jason knows with 5 kids and my store that’s not possible, but I still feel bad when its not perfect. That’s going to be my goal for this year, to try and get organized. We’ve already started – last week we threw out 15 trash bags of broken toys, puzzles with missing pieces, and just junk that’s accumulated over the years. If that doesn’t help keep things clean I’ll be throwing out more next week.

Also the kids will be doing more chores this year. The sooner they fine out that I’m not the maid the better. As for Jason, he works all day with his job so he will doing less when he gets home.

If I get half of all of this accomplished, I won’t need to diet. That’s right, I will work my butt off, since that’s where most of the fat settled to. By this time next year I will be back down to 110lb.

As you all sit there and laugh I’m off to make supper.

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