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Back to work

That’s right, the holidays are over and even the self-employed have to go back to work.

I started by restocking my thread rack. To most people this doesn’t sound like much but you have your top thread, bobbin thread, embroidery thread, blindables / variegated and the heavy duty upholstery thread. Thank goodness JoAnn’s had 50% off on all the thread and I have a 10% preferred customer card too. So with a detailed list I was off to shop. Now, my goal is, “thread – no fabric!” Why? Because I can and will lose control. I will buy it, all of it. I have to┬áhave fabric – not a few yards but the whole bolt. Not just one bolt but as many as I can fit into the cart. The last time I lost it it cost me about $300. Yep, almost better than chocolate. While I have my basket and am getting my thread there are a few people staring at me. I doubt they’ve ever seen anyone buy as many spools as I have. As I come to the end of the list I’ve emptied most of the spool slots. I’m getting 10 white, 10 black, 6 blue and so on. They only had 2 reds left so I had to back order 6 more. Off to the check out lane. Spools of thread are small so it didn’t look like much but even with my 60% off my total was $84 dollars. I’m so getting grounded when Jason finds out.

Oh well without the thread I can’t work.

Thread collection

Thread collection

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  1. As long as it’s getting used, it’s worth the money. You’ve gotta buy that much at a time to keep from running out of thread often.

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