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Monkey cast covers!!

That’s right, this week I’ve been making cast covers for the baby…

On Monday the 4 year old pushed the 2 year old off the table.  Of course, it was 9 at night and the clinic was closed.  She was crying but it was more of a whine than cry, and she didn’t seem to be in too much pain. The biggest thing was that she wouldn’t move her fingers.  There wasn’t any bruising or swelling and with 5 kids I don’t run to the hospital for just any bump or bruise.  After about an hour she was still upset so Jason stayed home with the rest of the kids while I took her to the hospital.  As I was putting her in the van she seemed to calm down and by the time we got to the hospital – a whole 10 minute drive – she’d completely stopped crying.  At this point I started second-guessing myself – was she really hurt?  I asked her one more time if she would wiggle her fingers and she wouldn’t so in to the emergency room we went.  As I was getting her signed in she was smiling at the nurse. All I could think of was all the money I was wasting by overreacting to the Boo Boo.

They put us in a room and the doctor came in to take a look at things.  The baby started telling him how mean her sister is.  The whole time he was poking and twisting her arm she acted like she was fine!!!  He finally asked, “Does your arm hurt?”  She said, “Yep!”  Apparently she wasn’t going to give him the satisfaction of crying.   Then he said what every mother wants to hear, “She seems fine but we’ll get a X-ray just to make sure.”  By this time I knew I was overreacting and that the doctor had to think I was nuts.  Off to spend more money on X-rays.  She got a little upset with all the lights and didn’t like being held down but within minutes we were done and she was fine.  At this point all I wanted to do was leave before I could make a bigger butt of myself.  After a few minutes the doctor came back and wanted me to come see the X-rays.  I was thinking, “Why, just tell me she’s fine so we can go home.”  As I rounded the corner I saw the break on the X-ray.  There is was, right above her wrist she had what’s called a buckle break.  It didn’t break in half, it was bent like an L. Within seconds I went from feeling like a idiot to super-mom!  I knew it was broken!. They put a splint on and on Thursday she got the hard cast.  She’s been a little spoiled the last couple of days.  I made a monkey sock to go over the cast so she can’t get food on it.  Bath time was also a bunch of fun.  Jason held her arm up while I was washing as much as I could as fast as I could.

As for the monkey cast cover its one of my best ideas.  All you need is a sock with a monkey on it.  The ones I used came from Walmart.  Cut 5 small holes for the fingers to poke through.  If you need one, just let me know and I’ll make you one.


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  1. An “L” break you say. That must be what happened to my right leg, which I broke when I was 5. My leg healed crooked so that my foot points a bit to the right. I’ve been told they should have re-xrayed my leg about half-way through the healing process to make sure the bone had straightened out – it wasn’t a complete break. They would have had to break the bone to get it to heal straight and I can’t see my parents agreeing to have their 5-year olds’ leg broken on purpose! Apparently when we are little our bones are more suptle and sometimes just bend instead of breaking.

    Glad to hear she is healing nicely. And the sock is too cute!

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