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Spirit Knob Winery

A few weeks ago I needed a gift and since I’ve been making the new bottle aprons I thought it would be nice to get some wine.  Not just any wine from the local store.  It seemed a little cheap to put that much work onto a $4 bottle of wine.  We have a few local wineries in the Quincy area.  I chose Spirit Knob, which is about 15 miles north of Quincy just on the other side of Ursa.

I took the oldest kid with me for some one-on-one mommy time and left the other four home with poor Jason.  As we got close it was like driving to another country.  Even at this time of the year it was just so quiet & peaceful.  I almost expected Bambi to come running by.  I would love to move out to the country like this.  The winery itself is big with glass and wood everywhere.

It was 4:30 on a Sunday and the place was packed.  At this point I was thinking the $20 I was planning on spending wasn’t going to be enough.  So with my little apron in hand up to the counter we went.  I don’t drink much and know nothing about wine and I was starting to get nervous, so I was glad I brought one of the kids along.  A very nice lady come over and asked if she could help me so I told her I needed a gift.  She asked if had anything in mind and how much I wanted to spend.  I took a deep breath and said, “I don’t know anything about wine and was hoping to get something nice for about $20.”  I was expecting her to start laughing at me but instead she got some sample cups out and let me try a few things.  She treated me like I was the only person in the place.

They had a lot of wines available for under $20.  I picked Bluff Breeze.  2 bottles – one for me and one for the gift.  She even gave me two free wine glasses.  I got my little apron out to see how nice they looked together.  The owner loved my aprons. She ordered 5 and then asked if I wanted to be a vendors at the Girl on Grapes event that they will be having on March 5th.  Of course I accepted, thinking it would be a perfect opportunity to sell some products and get some more visibility for my business.

After I got home I thought it would be nice to have some matching coaster cozies for the bottom of the new glasses and a little chef hat for the top of the bottle.  Everything matched, and if you ask me, my gift was the neatest.


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