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Embroidery Digitizing Software – update #4

(written by Jason)

Well, good news and bad news!  The good news is we decided we like Digitizer Pro enough that we went ahead and paid for it – so now it’s ours.  The bad news is that now that we’ve paid for it, we’ve got to keep busy using it so it will pay for itself.  The reason why that’s bad news?  Because Alaine stays busy enough just keeping the machines going, so any extras like custom designs, end up waiting for me to do in the evenings.

We’ve still got a lot to learn about Digitizer, but we ran some sample logos through it and it did a pretty good job auto-digitizing.  The only manual work I did was cleaning up the original bitmap files a little to make sure there weren’t any fuzzy areas that would confuse the digitizing process.  Basically, clean up the bitmap, load it into Digitizer, tell it what colors to ignore, which are to be fill areas, and which are detail, pick a couple checkboxes for each, and it does the rest.  I didn’t do anything after that, just copied the designs to a USB drive and handed them to Alaine.

She loaded them into the machine and stitched out each one.  There were a few little things in each one that could use some cleanup work to be perfect, but for a first-pass, they were really pretty good.

One other thing that really needs to be done to make the designs professional is to go back and adjust the start/stop points on each part of the design to try to eliminate jumps as much as possible, and in the case where a jump exists and must be trimmed, make it long enough to make trimming easier.  The automatic part of the software does things in a particular order to try and reduce design distortion from tension pull, and that stitch order sometimes isn’t all that helpful when you’re cutting out jumps later.  A few little adjustments here and there can make a huge difference when you’re trimming jumps.

I hope to have time to post some final products from custom designs when we do them, so you can see what the software is capable of doing.

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