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New projects for October

About a month ago Jason’s sister had a baby boy. I just had to make a quilt. Knowing his family there will be about 10 quilts made. We all love to sew. Mine has embroidered teddy bears, with cotton flannel and chenille blocks. I embroidered his name and the birth date on one  block. Instead of doing a binding I sewed the back batting and front together and then pillow cased it. Then I ran a top stitch around the out side, I quilted it in the ditch until I got to the bears. I continued to stitch around the outside of each bear. About half way through I broke my walking foot and had to finish the quilt with the zipper foot. Why the zipper foot??? Because it’s smaller and drags less so the top doesn’t stretch. I’m not sure how I did it but there wasn’t one pucker in the whole quilt. I was so proud of myself I made more and put them on eBay.


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