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Cornhole up date!

It’s going to be another big year for the cornhole game.  They now have their own song and video and coming soon is the cornhole movie.  Who would have thought that a game with little bags of corn would ever get so big.  I’m waiting for it to show up in the Olympics.  Thats right – “The US Cornholing team wins the gold!”  It’s way better than Curling, which is the worst Olympic game on my list.  It would be the only Olympic sport that would allow the teams to drink beer while they play.  “Today the US will be drinking Bud Light and Canada will be drinking Moosehead.”  YES, Canada has a beer called Moosehead.  I bet curling would be a lot better if they were allowed a beer in one hand and a broom in the other.  If the hockey teams played curling at least someone would get hit with a broom now and then.  That’s why I like cornhole – if someone isn’t paying attention just bean them with a bag….

It’s kinda like horseshoes.  You have two boards set up at a distance from each other.  Each board sits at an angle with a hole at one end.  Then you take bags full of corn and toss them, trying to hit the hole in the board.  There are rules and everything. For all the rules you’ll have to go to the ACA website.

I’ve been selling a ton of bags in my Ebay store.  I use the 350E to personalize them with anything your heart desires – maybe a person’s last name or a bar’s name like “Pete’s Pub”.   “The Corn Hole King” and “USA” are also big sellers.  The bags are made to regulation specs – 6″ by 6″ with 15oz of corn, double-stitched with upholstery thread.  You can’t buy bags like this at Walmart.

The college kids also use them as tag bags.  I shouldn’t have to explain this but I will anyway.  You run around trying to hit each other with a small bag of corn.  If you leave a bruise on someone you get points.  If it’s on his arm – 5 points, black eye – 30 points, butt – 40 points, groin – 100 points.  Yes, these are college kids – who else would make a game of trying to hurt each other?

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