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Candy Scarecrows

Every year for Halloween I make candy scarecrows for all of my kids to hand out at school.

They turn out super cute and are very easy to make.

Things you’ll need are:

2 Tootsie Rolls, 2 Smarties, 1 mini KitKat, 1″ Wooden Ball, 2″ Straw Hat, 5″by 5″ piece of fabric, and 1 mini pumpkin.

You need to use ether glue dot “3D Zots” by therm-o-web or a hot glue gun will also work. Start with the KitKat and glue the Smarties vertically to the bottom of the KitKat. Glue the Tootsie Rolls horizontally to the top of the KitKat. Next take the fabric and fold 2 of the corners in as shown below.

Place his body on the bottom middle and fold over the top for the jacket. You will need to place a little glue in the arm pits to hold the jacket on. Now for his head, place some glue on the wooden ball and add the hat. Glue this to the top of the jacket and make his face with a marker. As a finishing touch I’ve glued a pumpkin to his hands. Oh yeah – Super Cute!

I picked up all of the candy at our local HyVee, and the rest I got at Hobby Lobby.

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